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Flaming Pants

A Big Middle Finger Salute to the Pharisees of American Maoism

American Maoists coopted "woke". Their Woke is the furthest thing from awareness. To be a Woke True Folk one must zealously embody a narrow orthodoxy as the only truth. Next, one must ingest a bitter root judgement against anyone who isn't part of the tribe. We are either White and the cause of all misery or oppressed by White Privilege. Tribe members must ruminate on their whiteness or their oppression. The Way of the Woke is an anxiety filled life where at any moment one can be accused of sin and shunned. All of Arts Fire RVA is filled with sinners. We are forgiven by Christ who was crucified and rose again on the third day. This makes us enemies of the Woke True Folk. Good.

Art should be triggering. The art and stories we put in museums make us feel soemething. Yet we have self-appointed High Priests of the Law of the Holy Mao who are abusing anyone who dares to sufficiently kowtow before a shrine to their god. Woe to anyone who doesn't embody the message of the day. Destruction to anyone who doesn't feel what these High Priests declare to be the correct feeling. Arts Fire doesn't comply. We are a defiant voice in the wilderness. Our work inspires dissident feels. Our fealty is to the martyred stone-mason from Nazareth, Jesus.