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Fully Committed to Words and Christ

Similar choices–A creative decides to fully commit to their medium and practice come hell or high water. A Christian feels a call and decides to answer by fully committing to the call whatever the outcome. In both cases they choose to fully rely on God for assurance of provision. It’s an absurd choice to those who count on cube rat life for their ration of cheese. Failure is the likely outcome. Yet, at the most desperate moment, when things look their bleakest, something breaks their way and the next bit of the journey is revealed.

NO TRIGGERS!! YOU CAN'T PUBLISH ANYTHING THAT WILL UPSET ME!!! Yes I can. Art should be triggering. The art and stories we put in museums make us feel something. Yet we have self-appointed High Priests of the Law of the Holy Mao who abuse anyone who dares to sufficiently kowtow before a shrine to their god. Woe to anyone who doesn't embody the message of the day. Destruction to anyone who doesn't feel what these High Priests declare to be the correct feeling. Arts Fire doesn't comply. We are a defiant voice in the wilderness. Our work inspires dissident feels. Our fealty is to the martyred stone-mason from Nazareth, Jesus.

Our purpose is to provide a place for all art and artists regardless of their intersectionality score. Nor do we care about your degree of fealty to an ideology. C) Feel deplorable, unworthy, or whatever? We don't care about that either. As low as you feel you are still welcome to join. We are one old man who has run down the clock on working for the man to provide for himself. This old man has only his writing and God to earn his keep. Join us in a quest to earn a living as a creative. Let's thrive together.

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Yes, I do web sites. Simple, static sites with simple CSS. What would be really awesome is a part-time/intern gig where I could take what I know and modernize it. I know enough PHP to be dangerous. Expanding into JavaScript is a goal. Back when all this was young familiarity with Active Directory was a given as was DNS, domain registration, user account administration, and so on. Last thing–architecting schema is easy for me because that's what we did back then.

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